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What We Offer You

Emergency assistance

Emergency Assistance

Getting out of a family where you are nothing but a victim is a must. Contact us, and we will come and get you out in a matter of hours.


Support Groups

Support Groups

Many victims tend to return to their partners as soon as they promise not to hurt them anymore. Our support groups are here to talk with you and make sure that your mind is clear and you fear nothing when you make a big decision.

Medical And Legal Advocacy1

Medical And Legal Advocacy

Those that want to get out of the toxic marriage and punish the criminal that terrorized them can make use of our medical and legal advocacy. We provide doctors and lawyers that help the victim to punish their partner for domestic violence.

Our Mission

The primary mission of our organization is to help the victims of domestic violence in every possible way. We always try to help the victim get back to their everyday life by removing the violence out of the way. This is why we provide medical and legal support to them, as that is the only way to force the criminal out of their life.

Our Events And Supporters

Our organization works in cooperation with more than half a dozen of groups and organizations to provide support to every victim of domestic violence in Oregon. The organization holds many events with a single goal to help victims to realize how many rights they have when it comes to their domestic violence situation.


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