Things You Don’t Know About Domestic Violence

It’s a sad thing that very few people know enough about domestic violence to explain to an individual who knows nothing about the subject. People think that the law takes care of everything and thus they don’t see this subject as a problem it is.

The crucial piece of info to know is that physical assault is just one form of the domestic violence. Psychological terror is also the way that an assailant can abuse the victim. Other types of abuse exist, and they are less-known to the general public.

Domestic violence facts you don’t know

Domestic-violenceThe lack of proper laws that adequately punish assailants in the cases of domestic violence helped criminals to continue with their wicked ways. The most significant problem was an abuse of children that aren’t straight.

More than three million of registered victims of domestic violence in the USA exists, and just shy of a third of them are men (800 000). These cases of domestic abuse result in billions of dollars in medical costs, the loss of productivity of victims as well as injury, death, and homelessness. Homelessness is the result of male victims reporting crimes and not being taken seriously. In those cases the women make false allegations that get accepted by legal authorities and men lose everything in court processes.Individuals that witness family abuse in their young age tend to turn into abusers when they form their own family. Alcohol abuse is another element that leads to domestic violence. This can affect all individuals, no matter their race, religion or economic situation.

Proper prevention of domestic violence doesn’t exist

Many organizations and legal representatives talk about the prevention of domestic violence through the introduction of financial opportunities to partners and family therapies. But none of that work as it addresses the situation once it is too late.

The real prevention of domestic violence comes from teaching potential victims about their rights and showing them that they have no reason to stay with the abuser (or potential abuser). If an individual knows how to recognize an abused partner, then they can get away from them before they become victims.