Men As Victims Of Domestic Violence

The legal system works hard on prevention of domestic abuse of women. That doesn’t apply to men that suffer abuse in their family. Almost the majority of people laugh when they hear about men who experience domestic violence because they don’t believe that it is possible. The whole legal system is like that as well. They don’t recognize men as potential victims of abuse in the family.

This is a sad thing as many men have to experience prolonged abuse before they finally decide to give up on the marriage. And they tend to lose everything if they choose to get away from the abuser. This is due to the system giving women everything they want even if they are the assailants.

How can men experience abuse in the family?

man-as-victimThe most obvious way a woman can abuse the man is to cause them physical harm. Very few men will report that as no one will take them seriously. And even if a man reports the abuse, the woman can come out and say that it was in self-defense and everyone will believe her.

The other way women can abuse men is to use verbal insults in front of other people. Being belittled and humiliated in front of other people is harsh for men. This is followed by possessiveness where they prevent their husbands from meeting other people.

Women can also threaten to leave the victims and take their kids away if they try to report the abuse (this happens more than you think). Women who abuse their husbands also need to have control over everything, and that includes finances and the freedom to go out of the house. If the victim tries to resist, then they tend to make false allegations against victims that turn them into criminals.

Why do men stay in toxic relationships?

Men-abuseMen stay in marriages where they are victims because they don’t want to leave their children with the abuser. Many of them also feel shame because everyone will ridicule them as no one can see a man as a victim of domestic abuse.