Points to Remember When Traveling with Your Baby

It’s summer once again and you could almost see yourself doing your favorite outdoor escapades – touring, dining, and island hopping, to name a few. This time, however, you have a new family member going with you.

As moms, we have to realize that some things aren’t quite the same when we were still a carefree mom-to-be. We don’t just have ourselves to look after because every now and then we need to go back and check our baby’s diapers, feed his hungry tummy, and put him back to sleep. That means lesser time for recreational activities and more time for baby. So instead of having four or five summer activities for the day, we might end up with only two.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have all the fun this summer. You can actually make your travels feel much like home for your baby by just learning some few old tricks to maintain his regular sleep-wake cycle and make him adapt quickly to his new environment.

First thing to keep in mind when traveling with your baby is to bring his favorite stuffs that would help him associate with home. It could be his favorite stuffed toy, pillow, feeding bottle or any object that makes him feel home. These would definitely come in handy especially when trying to calm your baby if situations get a little bumpy during the trip.



Since you’d probably be going to a lot of places, it’s always a good thing to travel light. Bring your portable crib, stroller, or baby swing with you to avoid getting stuck in your hotel and miss out all the fun. Although some hotel can provide you with one, it’s much better to have something your baby is already familiar with.

Practice going out with your baby and make him get used to nap outdoors. Have some picnic with the family at some nearby theme park and try to calm him down to sleep in this new environment. You can do this a week before your scheduled trip so that he becomes more adaptable to different surroundings. This will save you a lot of trouble by the time you’re traveling out for real.

Most traveling blues regarding your little ones has to do with maintaining their regular napping and sleeping habits. Since you want your baby to keep this normal routine, you’ll be needing some extra help to ‘normalize’ things a little easier and give yourself more time to unwind.

Some gadgets like sound machines that emit white (or pink) noise are pretty amazing when it comes to soothing your baby to sleep. White noise is baby-friendly and doesn’t affect your baby in any way. In fact, we hear this all the time from the rustling leaves, to the waterfalls and falling rain. And they make us doze off pretty quick.

Another trick is to use portable blinds to stimulate your baby’s natural reaction to dim light, signaling him that it’s sleep time. These gadgets are pretty cheap but you can’t underestimate what it can do to regulate your child’s normal sleep-wake cycle.

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