Things to Consider for a Well-prepared Diaper Bag

As a newbie mom, knowing what to bring along in your diaper bag is extremely crucial when going out with your baby. Things like extra clothes, wipes, changing pads, and diapers should always be a part of your arsenal to avoid getting caught off-guard in ‘sticky’ situations. If you haven’t bought one yet you should check out this website for the best backpack diaper bag. They have listed some of the greatest bags 2017.

On the flip side, don’t get too anxious and cram every space with your baby’s stuff. Otherwise you’ll be very exhausted from all extra weight around your shoulders. In some cases where you’re expecting a long trip ahead or spending longer hours away from home, you might have to bring more of the same stuff. But if it’s just a 4-hour sortie to the mall or doctor’s office, less is actually more.

To help you with what to bring in your diaper bag, let’s try to visualize different scenarios during the trip and learn to anticipate these situations.



Keeping him clean and fresh

These items help maintain your baby’s overall hygiene on the go.

  • Disposable diapers – If your baby is less than a year old, expect for a diaper change once every single hour. As your baby gets older, he would need less but also a bit larger. For toddlers, diaper pants allow for a quick change and are much more convenient to use.
  • Wet wipes – Travel packs can have as much as 50 to 80 wipes. You can bring as many as those since don’t take up too much space in your diaper bag. Besides, you’re not just gonna used them for diaper change. They also function as your general purpose cleaning tool.
  • Changing pad – Your baby should feel comfortable to keep him relaxed during his diaper change, so it’s best to have a changing pad that’s a little bit cushioned but not too bulky. Although some diaper bags come with a free changing pad, your baby might not be comfortable with it, especially if it feels too stiff.
  • Disposal bags – Stow your used diapers, wipes, and clothing properly. Your diaper bag probably has a separate compartment just for that.
  • Bibs – These prevent your baby from soiling his clothes while feeding. Take two of these just in case he spits up so he can still have an extra one.
  • Extra clothes – Your baby’s gonna need these when it’s too warm and he needs some dry clothes. Or if he gets soiled from spit-ups, spills, or leaky diapers.



Keeping him calm and focused

These items will help your child to be in his best behavior while you’re busy.

  • Feeding set – That includes a feeding bottle, bottled water, and milk formula. Make sure you have enough milk for the entire trip. By now you probably have an estimate as to how much you’re going to need based on your baby’s feeding habits. Some containers for dry formula have several compartments so you have the same exact portions every single time.
  • Baby’s favorites – Take whatever makes your baby calm and focused like his favorite stuff toy or cartoon character. Anything that he can play with and keep himself amused. Pacifiers are also great for its soothing effect, although not all moms prefer their babies using them because prolonged used could lead to poor dental health.
  • Snacks – Another way to keep him busy is to give him something to nibble with. However, it might be applicable for toddlers and baby’s more than 2 years old only. Don’t forget the bibs every time he gets to eat.



Keep him protected from the sun

This will help avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

  • Wide-brimmed hat – Your baby’s young, sensitive skin could easily get burned by too much sunlight. Areas like the face and neck should not be left exposed to the sun’s harmful radiation particularly between 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.
  • Sunscreen – Use a little bit of sunscreen particularly the ones specially made for children and infants. Those with an SPF of 15 and 30 provide the best protection against the sun’s harmful rays.



Some extras for contingencies

Depending on your baby’s individual needs, you will have to bring these things to keep your baby in tip-top shape. It will also help you stay clean so you won’t have to bring an extra shirt.

  • Diaper rash cream – If your baby’s skin gets too irritated from his scratchy diapers, having these will keep him from getting too fussy.
  • Blanket – Sometimes your baby burps out more than just air while you bring him up to your shoulders. It’s a good thing to put these on to avoid getting drenched.

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