4 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Up

Housekeeping can be a little bit frustrating and time-consuming especially if you’re not paying attention with the way you straighten things up around the house. If you used to feel tired after going through your household chores, chances are that you’re doing them wrong.

There are simple ways to manage the clutter without getting too stressed out and still be able to find some time to enjoy life with your family and take care of your little ones. It’s not rocket science; just plain old common sense and establishing a realistic, practical day to day routine you and your family can easily follow.

Let’s try to look first at some of the common mistakes people make when doing their everyday housekeeping and how to deal with them:


Cleaning things up at random

This is where most moms fail when it comes to maintaining a spick-and-span home. They don’t know where to start with, so they start with whatever they find – a little trash here and there, some toys and laundry lying on the floor, dusty windows and countertops, etc. Before they knew it, they’ve already spent an hour but accomplished very little.

Instead you should try to establish a daily housekeeping routine starting with the most frequented places at home like the living room, and then work your way towards the dining hall and the kitchen where there’s less activity and less clutter. Be systematic to avoid wasting your time going back and forth just to get things done.


Sweating the small stuff

Some moms tend to overdo a single task that they forget they have other things to do around the house. They’d spend hours cleaning things up in the nursery room while the kitchen is in such a mess. One way to avoid this kind of situation is to limit yourself to fifteen minutes or less on a specific task and avoid the temptation to dilly-dally your job.

Do the simple ones on a daily basis and reserve the tough jobs for your “general cleanup day.” It’s just a matter of prioritizing the most conspicuous areas first and the least ones last. Another way to avoid spending too much time on simple cleaning tasks is to clean up the mess as you go. Don’t wait for the dishes to pile up. Do the dishes right away while you can.


Going solo

You don’t have to clean up everything all by yourself. Realize the fact that you’re not going accomplish all the tasks on your own. Teach your kids some basic housekeeping routines to tidy up their room like picking up their toys after playing, using the laundry basket to keep their dirty clothes, and proper waste disposal. It’s also one way to teach your kids about being responsible at an early age.


Keeping old, unused items

Some people like holding on to things even if they are no longer of use to them. One good way to tidy up is to just let go of your old belongings like used clothing, pieces of furniture, kitchenware, and appliances that are of little or no use to you. You can set up a garage sale or sell them online and get some little extra. Or better yet, give them to someone else who can’t afford to buy one.

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