Moms Dealing with Postpartum Anxiety

Post-partum blues is a common problem even among experienced moms. It just happens for no apparent reason. All of sudden you feel very helpless and agitated. It’s like you’re going to lose it although you look perfectly okay from the outside. Every mom has to somehow be able to deal with it if she was to be a loving and caring mother to her lovely little angel.

This condition known as ‘postpartum depression’, and its similar but equally distressing byproduct ‘postpartum anxiety’, had been a subject of medical research for decades. The most popular and widely accepted theory that explains such mental and behavioral shift is hormonal imbalances as a result of childbirth.

Aside from that, there are plenty of other factors like the mother’s previous experiences, ability to cope with problems, and her predisposition in life. It’s important to deal with this problem by managing these anxiety attacks and stop it on its tracks before the situation turns into a vicious cycle. This is not something that goes away on its own, so be sure to seek professional help whenever possible.



You can control it

It takes some grit to overcome your postpartum anxieties. But first you have to make a commitment not to let it take control of your life. Believe that it can be done and that many others have gone through the same ordeal but came out as loving moms to their children.


Think positively

You’ve heard this a lot of times from motivational speakers. It’s the notion that somehow things will get better if you’d just hang on a little bit more. You can get a little bit spiritual or philosophical about it, but either way that will give you something that you can hold on to. Whether it’s religion, philosophy, or some mantra that you just made up, it would help you change the way you look at life.


Make use of your free time

Find some hobbies that you enjoy doing. Something unrelated or anything that helps you forget about your postpartum woes like joining a cause or signing up for creative workshops. This will give you less time entertaining negative thoughts during your idle hours and make you productive at the same time. Just don’t overdo it so you won’t go on a guilt trip after having ‘too much’ fun.


Be strong, physically and mentally

When you feel strong, you also feel great about yourself. Do some muscle toning exercises or watch some cardio-workout. Research have found out that regular exercise in moderate amounts help release endorphin that relaxes and helps reduce stress. It also helps promote brain activity and regulate the hormones responsible for your mood swings.


Control your breathing

As simple as it may sound, but just the act of deliberately slowing down your breathing can help you during panic attacks. Navy seals use the same technique to calm down when faced with a life-threatening situation. It’s called the 4×4 technique in which they would inhale deeply for four seconds and exhale for four seconds for about one minute. Try this yourself whenever you sense a panic attack coming.


Medication – just in case

When all else fails, it’s best to have your meds ready. These are usually pills taken orally to help reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, or help improve your brain chemistry. Don’t be ashamed to ask your doctor about it. You’re not losing it yet, you’re just getting a little too upset and you need some quick fix.


Seek professional help

These people know better than anyone else how to handle cases involving anxiety and depression. Psychologists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy can help you get back on track by trying to understand why you feel the you feel and be more ‘rational’ with the way you think.


Everything is just temporary

If you don’t let postpartum anxiety take its grip on you, everything is but temporary. Time is too valuable for you to be wasting it on your unfounded fears and insecurities. Think of all the precious moments that you could spend with your baby if you’d only be that cheerful and loving mom that he always needed.


You are not alone

It would comforting to know that you are not alone in your struggles with postpartum anxiety. Talk to someone you know who had the same experiences or try to read mommy blogs about how real people got through with it. Every mom is unique so don’t expect to have the same results with one method or the other.

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