Summer Heat Buster for Pregnant Moms

Summer months are the best part of the year with lots of sun to spare. However, as a pregnant mom, you’re body is already warmer than usual because of your little baby tucked inside of you. So before you get too excited for the summer spree, take some time to read these summer tips for pregnant moms. Here are some things to consider to keep your body temperature on a safe level.



Wearing loose garments made of soft, lightweight materials like cotton, linen, etc, allows sufficient airflow and prevents heat from being trapped beneath your clothing. If you have to spend the day outdoors, put on a long-sleeved outer garment like a nice and soft cardigan.

Choose bright-colored ones over dark ones because they don’t heat up too quickly. Some people would argue that dark ones are actually better because it absorbs heat from within, i.e. body temperature. This might be true in some cases like on a windy day or where there’s a lot of breeze. Otherwise, it’s better to stick to your bright-colored tops.




Your lower extremities generate a lot of heat from walking or standing up, particularly your feet. It’s also prone to swelling because of water retention associated with pregnancy. That’s why you need some sort of footwear that gives your feet more ease and feels cool all over. I’m talking about sandals, flip-flops, and other casual, open-toed footwear.

In most countries, business and government institutions afford pregnant moms the luxury of choosing their ‘maternity attire’ including footwear. So if you’re a working mom or an employee, don’t hesitate to put on those slippers when you go to work. Don’t forget your sunscreen since your feet are pretty exposed out in the sun.



Cooling gadgets

These quick fixes help remove excess heat in a flash. A spray bottle filled with cool clean water is all you need to take the heat off. Find an empty body mist small enough to fit your shoulder bag or purse. Fill it up with water and you now have a handy-dandy cooling spray.

There’s also the handheld/portable mini-fan which are sold like pancakes in online stores for just a couple of bucks. When going outdoors or working in warm conditions, you’d be glad to have these gadgets around.


Fluids – lots of it

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated during summer since your body needs to cool down every now and then. More so because of your little one who also needs it as much as you do. So if you’re staying home, drink lots of it every once in a while. Take a bottle with you when at work or on a picnic and make sure you’ll have water available nearby.

Energy drinks loaded with electrolytes are also good for replacing bodily fluids, ideal for active and sporty moms. Just make sure they’re not caffeinated. Read the label before you buy any of these.



Sun protection

Aside from wearing a hat or going around with your umbrella, there’s no better way to protect yourself from Mr. Sun than you’re good old sunscreen. Sunscreens come in different SPFs (sun protection factor) suitable for certain skin types.

Dermatologists recommend sunscreens that has an SPF of 15 or 30. Some skin burn faster than others. To be safe, reapply every two hours if you’re spending the day out in the sun.

By the way, don’t just use any kind of sunscreen as some contain chemicals that could be unsafe for pregnant women. Talk to your doctor about it just to be sure.



Take a swim

How better to beat the heat than taking a splash with the family. Don’t let the summer heat spoil all the fun. After all, it’s what summer really is about. Go ahead and take a swim, but don’t forget your sunscreen.

Some resorts have cool springs with flowing water. Unlike pools and beaches that get warmer overtime, these spring pools stay cool and fresh all day. And you won’t have to worry about the sun since there’s probably lots of shade around. Try searching for such a place nearby.

There’s more other ways to beat the summer heat if you just put your mind to it. These simple tips are good examples on how you can safely manage your body temperature without having to stay out of the sun the whole time. Keep these in mind and you’re pretty sure you (and your baby) won’t miss out the fun this summer.

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